Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally...I'm Back!

It's so nice to return to my blog! I honestly think about getting on my blog everyday, but then that immediately takes a back seat as i find my days filled with kids and filling orders.

My business for the most part has always been "my business". My husband,Ben, would help me get orders out, but I ran the show and did all of it. Loved it, but was exhausted by it, ans secretly prayed for another helper. My shops have been bringing in nice profits that our homes has been blessed enough to enjoy. The shops are now becoming overwhelming with so many orders. So my hubby has decided to partner with me with my shops. ..this was his idea, not mine. So , together we work full time on the shop, while trying to manage the other part of our crazy lives. It has only been the first we'll see how it goes. I did have some serious issues letting go of all the control. However last night when we were 37 order deep of things that needed to be shipped, it was so nice to have my hubby send out the convos letting people know orders were on their way, packaging the orders, weighing the orders and putting on the shipping labels.

We also spent the weekend getting the office work space organized. It looks great! My husband really got me motivated to get everything completely organized, and i'm so glad i did, it truly makes packaging order so much faster. So we are now a duo team, i suppose i ought to change my shop profiles.


Sunday, June 14, 2009


I Feel like my last post was ages ago...probably was.

Things have been busy. Today my husband helped me clean the work's truly is a never ending cycle. I am ashamed to show the pictures. Once the room is reorganized, then i will put up pictures. I will make sure to posts the scray befores and the amazing afters. We hung up picturers in the office, makes it look kinda cozy.

I love Sundays. I always say this, but i do. They are the most relaxing and comforting days for me. After my crazy children went to bed, i went online to research paid advertising. I have been at it for hours on end. Wish me luck!