Friday, July 24, 2009

Renegade Fair 2009

I meant to post this "post" on Monday...but, well, life happened. So I'm posting it today.
I attended my first ever RENEGADE FAIR Sunday. I was excited all week to go to this event and see some of the most coveted designers like: The Black Apple,Old Tom Foolery, and Foundling! I was also happy to discover some new loves like Big Stone Head and Ex Libris Anonymous.

Because we were taking this 2..i REPEAT 2 hour trip with our children (1 and 3) i knew i had to mentally brace myself so i could stay cool, calm and somewhat collected while in San Fransisco. I mostly did good, let's be kids are not exactly angels.

We arrived at the Renegade grounds around 10:30am and just bummed around outside until it officially opened at 11am. Once 11am ticked i knew it was the mother ship calling me back home. I was immediately excited and overwhelmed by all the amazing displays with fabulous goodies. When i arrived, some of the vendors were still setting up with tables.

When i first entered the fair my breath was first taken away by this fantastic rustic looking booth with suitcases for days that had been re-purposed and made into spiral bound notebooks! The shop was Ex Libris Anonymous. I love so much of it..and for what i could see, they were busy a lot at that booth! I found the Cat in the Hat book turned into a spiral bound journal with the pages of the actual book mixed in with the journal. Love it!

I was very impressed by the booth displays. While there were plenty of basic booth tables that looked over-crowded and cluttery with merchandise ( in which i was so overwhelmed i just kept moving), there were plenty of shops that weren't. Some shops had really great banners, and displays for their products...and of course lollipops, which obviously made my day!

There was a booth by Big Stone Head that was so simple. I love it. They had a U shape going and had i believe 2 racks full of t shirts. They had the funnies graphic t-shirts. I highly recommend you swing over there online store and buy something or at least read the shirts and enjoy a good laugh. The two people who were working that booth were really personable and down right hysterical as well. They had my husband and i laughing with tears streaming down!

For sure, the busiest booth i noticed was The Black Apple. I think it was impart because she just has fabulous items, and the other half because she is like an Etsy just want to see her and be like, "wow! that's cool." I took myself on over to that booth. It was so i waited for it to thin out so i could get in. It did not thin out....soo i squished myself in there and browsed through all the fabulous goodies she had....and my my my, things were flying off the shelves in a hurry!

After leaving the Renegade fair, i was so inspired to go home and create! Step into my inner craft fair and start thinking of what i want to do next with my shops. I loved it all..the good..the bad, and the ugly. Next year..i will for sure leave my adorable busy body babies with their sweet Nanna, so i can truly appreciate the fair!

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